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Album Description:
Dive into the dynamic world of "Heroic Latent: Border Blast (英雄蟄伏:界限引爆)," an album that fuses powerful storytelling with symphonic metal, creating a captivating auditory experience. Each track takes listeners on a journey through vivid, emotional landscapes and epic adventures, blending profound philosophical themes with intense musical compositions.
1. City of Cages (囚籠之城) - An opening track that sets the stage with a powerful tale of entrapment and the struggle for freedom.
2. Dream of Summons (召喚夢境) - A mystical piece that transports listeners to a realm where dreams and reality intertwine.
3. Sealed Realm (封禁領域) - A haunting melody that explores the boundaries of forbidden territories.
4. The Codex of Insights (洞見法典) - A thought-provoking track that delves into the depths of wisdom and understanding.
5. Traversing Boots (跨界之靴) - An adventurous song that follows the journey of crossing boundaries and breaking barriers.
6. Warzone of Regal Rivalry (爭王戰場) - A powerful anthem that captures the intensity of a regal battlefield.
7. Soul-Shattering Caverns (碎魂洞窟) - A dark and intense exploration of the caverns that challenge the very essence of the soul.
8. The Critical Singularity (臨界奇點) - A climactic piece that reaches the pinnacle of tension and release.
9. The Mystic Orchard (神奇果園) - A serene and enchanting track that invites listeners to a magical orchard filled with wonder.
10. Retrial Trail (再審小徑) - A reflective and introspective journey along the path of second chances and renewed purpose.
11. Sword of Finality (終戰之劍) - An epic saga of the ultimate battle and the final sword that determines fate.
12. Sanctuary of Giving (貢獻神殿) - A beautiful closing piece that celebrates the sanctuary of selflessness and contribution.
Each song in this album is meticulously crafted to evoke deep emotions and tell stories that resonate with the heroic and latent struggles within us all. "Heroic Latent: Border Blast" is not just an album; it's an odyssey through sound and spirit.

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Please listen to the songs in order from the first to the twelfth, and you will experience a heroic journey.

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Heroic Latent_Border Blast_Mp3

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